1971 Beyond Borders movie review : Should you watch it or Not?


1971 Beyond Borders Movie is fictional story and based on Real war of 1971 which Fought between India and Pakistan. No doubt that this Story has some amazing twist and It will definitely make the Huge impact on all audience who watch this Film in theaters.

1971 Beyond Borders movie cast includes Mohanlal, Allu Sirish, Arunoday Singh all of them performs the Role Very well . Actually in this whole Movie Arunoday Singh offers a completely convincing performance as a Pakistan army commander Specially when then Gives command to others militant. He performs his Role very well.

On other hand Allu Sirish’s is second Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal and here his role is to supply all of  war exploits in in the battle . But its looks like Writer didn’t write this character as well as he should write.

1971: BEYOND BORDERS STORY is only focused on 3 embellished officials of Pakistan and Indian army two from Indian army ( Mahadevan & Allu Sirish) and One main from Pakistani army who is played by Arunoday Singh.

1971 Beyond Borders

The first half of this Movie is little duel where we can see only about the Families of all major characters. However in second Half War scene is just Exceptionally special the The cinematographer is just Awesome. Its much better then any other Malayalam film, Here Sujith Vaassudev done the great jobes who Brings Superb special mention 1971 Beyond Borders .

Finally in 1971 Beyond Borders review I must say that this This is not an extraordinary film. but its nice to watch for Time pass, No one want’s to Watch this for second time waste the money. 2nd half of the story is little Good then first one and Climax is not bad at All. If you are Fan of Mohanlal and want to Watch this film go for it. Its complete family entertainer.

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