Apple iPhone 8 will launch with Apple AirPod bundle: Analyst


Analyst JP Morgan leaked some information about the upcoming Apple iPhone. While the iPhone 8 will be a premium device launched this year by the company, which the company will offer on its 10th anniversary year. Apart from this, it is also expected that Apple can also launch the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. According to JP Morgan, Apple will introduce premium accessories in deal with the launch of a new device.

Apple AirPods can replace wired AirPods currently available. Which are available in Apple Bundle with all the iPhone models. It is claimed that the price of Apple AirPod can be $159 (that is, approximately 15,400 rupees). While Apple AirPods are only available for $29 i.e. 2,500 Although the discussion is that the iPhone 8 will be a premium model, which can be worth more than $ 1000 i.e., more than Rs 65,000. Thus, the price of Apple Airpods in front of the price can not be denied. According to the information the airports will only be available in the bundle with the iPhone 8. While Apple AirPods will only be found with the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus.

Apple iPhone 8 will launch with Apple AirPod bundle: Analyst Apart from AirPod, Apple will also focus on bringing new audio technology to the iPhone 8. In order to increase the sound quality on earpieces. Although there is no leak associated with Apple Dolly in 3D audio, the iPhone 8 can come with new sound technology. Apart from this, the water inhibitor in the new device will also be doubly deeper than 3.2 feet.

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If this report is right, then Apple can increase its production to meet the demands on a large scale. In the past, Tim Cook said that the expectations surrounding the iPhone 8 have negatively influenced the sale of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. At the same time, with the expected high demand of the iPhone 8 Apple may face obstacles related to availability. Due to the lack of availability of the stock, the shipping of the airpad can be delayed. If Apple bundles airpad with the device, then delivery on time can be the biggest challenge for Apple.

According to the leaked riders and scratches so far revealed, the iPhone 8 will be a standard device with a 4mm badge-alluring display available. JP Morgan’s claims, bypassing all these leaks, suggested instead that the iPhone 8 could knock the edge-to-edge avatar to compete with its competitor Samsung Galaxy S8. This phone will be completely free of badges and will not have a karad display. But the edge-to-edge display will be. Which also keeps the device’s size in the same way by giving a bigger screen.

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IPhone users have always complained about relatively low battery life, although in recent times Apple has improved battery performance. Whereas in the new iPhones, there will be an L-shaped battery instead of the conventional bar. This will allow Apple to have more power packs and also eliminate the problem of battery heating. While there is no information available on the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus battery. But the iPhone 8 will have a 3,770 mAh battery.