Apple iPhone 8 will have Vertical Dual Camera Setup and Wireless Charging Feature


New information and disclosures are coming out in the days of the Apple iPhone 8. It also includes a concept video which was recently revealed. At the same time, a new leak has been designed to scratch its design, in which the internal features of this incoming device can be seen. This year Apple is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and during this time Apple can use some new features in its iPhone 8. Most of which have been reported through the leaks through the information of features.

Apple iPhone 8 will have Vertical Dual Camera Setup and Wireless Charging FeatureThe new schematic information of the iPhone 8 has been obtained from the Weibo. Apart from this, many tipsters are also exposed to the many information related to the iPhone 8 via Twitter. But information about a lot of detail in the new report and the image can be obtained.

According to which no home button layout has been given in the iPhone 8. As leaked information was told in the past, Apple’s plan is to use the latest Micro-LED glass with the embedded fingerprint sensor below the display. However, according to the report Apple is facing some problems in this process.

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While talking about the next feature of the iPhone 8, the company used the dual camera setup in the iPhone 7 Plus. While in the iPhone 8 it is expected that this dual camera will be used in vertical size. In which the LED flashlight and two lenses on the right side of the camera will be located. Using Vertical Camera, Apple plans to enter the field of AR and 3D photography.

There is a spherical design in the center of the rear panel in the image of the Apple iPhone 8 in front of the screen, which can be estimated that this location may be for wireless charging. Apple says that the iPhone 8 is working on better wireless charging technology. On the same day, the Touch ID button was shown on the right in the rear panel in the leaked image that was shown in the past.

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It was reported in the past that Apple has ordered Samsung to have around 7 million bandable OLED displays and these orders will be available in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 smartphone. David Hsieh, senior director of HIS Markit, says that “Apple has ordered Samsung to have 70 million OLED panels, although Samsung has increased this number to approximately 9.5 million display for Apple, which also did it. It is going to be that if demand increases, then the display will already have Samsung. “