#boycottsnapchat Is trending on Twitter But why? here is the reason


Evan Spiegal who is the chief executive officer of Snap Inc is Once said in their Statement that Snapchat app is only for rich people…I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain. once the Indian Users find this tweet then they Start Expressing their reaction On Twitter and other Social media site Like Facebook. On the Time of #boycottsnapchat hashtag was trending on the Top on Indian Twitter trend where users sharing their opinion and asking other to Uninstall this app and Give it a 1 star On Google play store.

#boycottsnapchat Tweets

Here is Some selected Twitter Reaction on #boycottsnapchat Trend.

  1. Mukesh ambani Vs Snapchat on Twitter (This may be fake)

2. Snapchat App rating Decrease to 3.6

3. Perfect Example

4. Ambani is Much reache then

5. Give 1 start Rating on Google play store.

6. Indian who was Using Snapchat app.


7. Let’s make him Poor.

8. We are happy

9. Actually Email is Created By an Indian

People also Leaving Negative Reaction & Rating on Play Store

As the Huge Impact of the Fellow Twitter Request Most of Indian users Unistall this app and Give it to 1 rating. They are also leaving the review why they Giving only 1 star to this app

1)Sharada Shetty says

Mr. CEO of snapchat, How dare u call us poor!! Have u ever visited India?? We have rich cultural heritage unlike ur country. We Indians have bigger hearts; purer mind n soul. We are richer than any country in our culture. You dont have any idea of what India is, so u better dont talk about our country. Our economical conditions might be poor compared to other countries, but we’re developing. And one day our country will be developed. We Indians have self-respect!!

2) Pranau N

Mr CEO snapchat ,I even don’t know your name, but how dare you call as poor. If all the Indians stop using your app then your company ll be no longer visible in the market. Pls do mind your words. You have proved yourself, we came to know your worth and your company’s worth. That’s y they say only experienced person shd be in a higher position. If you give a company in the hands of a fresher this is what ll Happen. Mera bharath mahan!!! #boycottsnapchat .

3) maharajan k

Our country is not a poor country. It is a developing country and it was in the hands of us(youngsters). You are the poor person. You are poor in business skills poor in respect and poor in character. A persons ability is judged by his character. I aam not even going to open your app. It’s not an worth full app. You must be ashamed for ur act and you must ask sorry for this unrespectful words. There and many other persons here who can developer a very best app than Snapchat. Be careful in handling your word. #boycottsnapchat.

4) amal jalal

We may be poor.. but we have bigger hearts than you . You don’t deserve any respect from anyone.! We Indians use all kinda Apps… if we don’t like your app that means your app is not good enough for use to enjoy..(nd that means you need to improve you app) .it doesn’t mean that we indians are poor😑 ..! I was an Snapchat user ,because of this I’m gonna uninstall right away! 😒😏

5) Harsh Malia

Its not tht i dnt like Snapchat… I do like it btt even more i Love my Country! Ppl r gng mad behind your app n the most ppl use your app r Indian! N thn this statement show tht sho is poor by mind! Yes we Indian r Rick by our heart! And we never show n tell any other country like this! Do respect Everyone Mr Evan

6) Manish Sharma
Get this thing in your mind. India is a developing country. It is the world’s second largest english speaking nation. Be careful with ur words. Many people in india can easily buy your app and developers here can develop a better app. And remember india has a population of 1.33 billion. Even if half of our population uses an indian application. It will have 660 millions users. Still more than ur app. Our country has the ability to build something and destroy something.

7) Chitrarth Kate

If you are Indian you should not install this app. Well I have never use Snapchat and never will.. Just installed it so that i can give this single star. Which this app deserve. As CEO must learn to respect all nation whether they are developed, developing or undeveloped. You don’t want Snapchat for poor people like India. You can simply do is removing your app from Indian Market. Well now you don’t have to that we Indians are doing it by boycotting this app..

8) priyali Bathla

Mr.ceo….whatever u think abt us….we wud like to tell u that india is 100 tymes richer than ur app….our culture n heritage is so rich…that won’t be able to understood by people like u….if u r an Indian… dont download this app…even if u r not an indian…do not…till this man learns to respect every nation n culture…come on people…show some respect towards ur nation n take a small initiative ….this small step may lead to a big chng…..in this man s thinking…. show him our power!

9) ayan rahim

INDIA IS NOT A POOR COUNTRY. It was the RICHEST country in the world.. until some WHITES stole our jewels away.. but we still are the best! Amd I’m guessing you will see how best we are in a few days when your net worth deceases even more.. since India doesn’t “deserve” this app.. so we are uninstalling it..BE prepared to see the REAL UNITY .. Mr Evan 🙂

10) himanshu durugkar

Dear Mr. CEO. If u think India is poor country which is not able to use your product. Then I’ll just increase your General knowledge Google’s Ceo Sundar Pichai is from this poor country, which is more better then you. I have installed this app n going to uninstall it and also I m giving it 1 star rating because I don’t have zero. Thank u for letting us know what we are and what thinking is. #keedepadenge

11) Debsmita Barua

I am sorry Mr. CEO. Sir, the country with one of the greatest population in the world, industries and companies of which are in the top 10 lists worldwide, the soil and salt of which raised the current CEO of Google, as also the man who invented “0”,the country that sent a record number of satellites to space in this year of 2017, the people of that country who have set examples of high standard science, technology, business, literature, arts, even political importance is ” too poor” to use your “too intelligent” setup of the trending “turning a human face into a pretty – dog – human – tongue – poking” face. I successfully even freaked my dog out by showing a pic of me in that filter BoyCot Snapchat.

What Your Reaction on #boycottsnapchat. Are You also Going to Uninstal SnapChat app from Your Mobile phone. Share Your Opinions Via Comment Box.