Why You Should i Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 ? 4 reasons that Explain


Samsung is the Top brand all around the World when it Comes to who sells the most phones. Samsung already Cleared the s8 release date 2017 which is the Upcoming Android android smartphone in Galaxy series. As per the Recent update date we Received Both Samsung galaxy S8 and S8 plus will be Launch on 19 April This year.

The modern layout of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ begins makes everyone wow whenever someone Sees this mobile phone in your hand .The most popular Smartphone brand recreate the every Concept of Galaxy series and Redesign the phone’s format to break via the confines of the phone display.it is the biggest, maximum immersive display screen on a Galaxy phone of this length. And it is smooth to users can maintain to use most of features with just one hand.

Why You Should i Buy Samsung Galaxy S8

Its clear that the Galaxy S8 and S8 plus Launch date is Set to this month but Until they didn’t Declare any official S8 release date in India. But according to Some rumors it may be unveil on 19th April or 21st April in India.

Why Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

If you are One of them who are Struggling between Buy or Not Buy Samsung galaxy S8 then Here i’ll give you Four Reason that explain why should you Buy this Android Smartphone right now.

Iris sensor

This smartphone is Featured with Iris Sensor also its the First phone that Comes with the Iris scanner. Its easily scans the Eyes of the Smartphone users, User can also set the Phone lock according to this Scanner and they Unlock the phone using Iris sensor. It means there is no chance that other person can unlock your mobile phone.

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Bixby assistant app

Bixby is personal assistant Mobile application Similar to Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri . This app Currently available in this Mobile phone only and Personally developed to use in Samsung android pwered Smartphones. Bixby app answered all of you Question, Set the reminder, Search something for you and Some other work that Mobile inbuilt personal assistant can do.

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Wireless charger

Wait what ? This is My First reaction when i read that Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone will comes with Smart Wireless Charging feature. Here we Don’t need to Connect wires to electronic board and then our Mobile phone to Charge the phone’s battery.

Samson Connect

Maybe most of us Didn’t hear this name Before but honestly this will be be the One of the greatest Feature that Samsung Going to bring in Their mobile phone. With the help of Samson Connect we can TV, washing machine, light bulb and Much more thing on Our mobile phone.

So here we Answer Why Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus instead of any other Same range android Smartphone.