Dalai lama visit tawang on 6th April, The trip is postponed


According to latest Breaking news that we received on today the Tibet religious guru Dalai lama visit tawang is postponed till 6th april 2017 due to very bad weather. He has a plans to  go Tawang which is situated in Arunachal Pradesh on 4th april ; a day before writing this post, but as result of dangerous climate, in line with recent media studies The 14th dalai lama will be going visit tawang’s most anticipated dwelling which is actually one of the vital sacred Buddhist monasteries. He will be be on that place on 6 April.

After Dalai lama visit tawang , He will be welcomed via 800 clergymen at the India’s biggest monastery that’s four hundred-years-antique. He changed into anticipated to maintain a non secular discourse at a stadium and deliver a public speak on “Secular Ethics and Happiness”.

Dalai lama visit tawang

According to Dalai lama On every occasion when he to the North East of India, it feels like a reunion with humans right here,when he revisit Tawang, he reminded of the liberty that I had skilled for the first time . That become the start of a brand new bankruptcy in my lifestyles.”

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The Dalai Lama closing visited Arunachal Pradesh in year 2009 last time as we know . On that time also China protested against that trip, but there was no foremost impact with India as expected. Now again He is going to Visit Arunachal Pradesh now as expected China has, another time, protested his visit to Arunachal Pradesh, which it considers a disputed territory accord to Chinese government.

why china hate dalai lama?

In Year 1959 China faces huge rebelion from tibet as result harsher rule from Chinese Communist Party (CCP). On that time more then 100,000 people rebellion against the china. Those rebellion receive the moral supports from India and Soviet Union.

Both India and Soviet Union considered its humanitarian move. When Dalai lama escaped to India with some other Mountain people India host them as Tibetan refugees as guest. This is one of the main reason why China attacks on India in year 1962. That’s why why china hate dalai lama.

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