Meet darago 3310 the perfect Nokia 3310 clone price at rs 799 only


Nokia’s strongest and Unbreakable phone will be back with new avatar soon in India. But before the official release date here we have another jaw dropping breaking news for you Nokia 3310 clone darago 3310 price is available to buy online. This duplicate mobile phone is available at 799 rs price in India which is much cheaper then the Nokia 3310 price in 3500 rs. If you want to buy Nokia’s 3310 new model but don’t want to pay 4000 rs just for a basic feature keypad phone then Darago will be Good choice for you.

Buy darago 3310 Flipkart online how to

Nokia 3310 clone is available to buy online on Flipkart at rs 799 price in India. According to me its the right choice for those users who wants to buy 3310 look like mobile phone in much cheaper cost. If you are one of them who don’t want to spend 4K on just a 2G keypad phone you can purchase it right now.

darago 3310 Flipkart online

  1. First Go to darago 3310 Flipkart online shopping page by using this link.
  2. Tap on Buy now button if its out of stock then you can enter your email address to receive email when it will be in stock.
  3. Complete the buying process enter all details including address, mobile number.
  4. Wait for few days, This mobile phone will be delivered to your home address within 3 to 7 days.

About Nokia 3310 clone

Darago 3310 is purely based on Nokia 3310 designed but its not better then the actual product. Its support 2G mobile network which far way better then other keypad phone in same range. Its comes with some pre-install mobile appliaction which helps users to use the net. Its not have WiFi feature, so we can use only cellular connection. Not support any 3G bands and off course not for the Reliance Jio users.

If you want to Buy Darago 3310 from Flipkart then just follow the Process that i mention above.

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