Facebook will enter the world of television serials and programs from next month


The world’s leading social networking company Facebook will enter the world of television serials and programs from next month. This information was received through local media reports. For this, Facebook is currently producing 24 television programs, which will be broadcast from mid-June this year.

televisionThe report, published on Friday on ‘Business Inside’ website, said that Facebook is preparing both short and long programs, which will show five to 10 minutes of shows. They will also be released daily in the video section of Facebook’s mobile app.

Business Inside said in reference to Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, “This is a great initiative from Facebook. Facebook will spend billions of dollars spent on TV commercials every year on this initiative, which will open up a huge opportunity for Facebook. ”

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There is also a virtual reality dating show under the bands of Condé Nast Entertainment in the television programs being produced by Facebook. Facebook is also trying to bring together A-list television celebrities for its television show and it is believed that a big star has filled the game.

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In Recently, Facebook has launched its express Wi-Fi internet service in India today ie Thursday, after doing beat testing for nearly a year. This service will be available in Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Meghalaya through 700 hotspot nowadays. Facebook has partnered with 500 local entrepreneurs who will sell these services through physical and online vouchers. The cost of the voucher will be 10-20 rupees per day and 200-300 Rs per month.