Facebook Working on “brain mouse” allows to type with your brain


The Secret developer Group of Facebook “Building 8″ is confirms that they are working on a New tool  “brain mouse” which allows Facebook users to type with the brain Just by thinking. This tool/Apps/Software will be works with non-invasive wearable sensors that helps to track every word that user will think then its Convert it to Text. This Brain-to-text technology AI (Artificial intelligence ) is capable to type more then 100 words in a Minute which is much faster then Traditional speed that we done with our hands.

By this Little introduction its looks like a Sci-fi story not a reality, But actually true. Facebook Brain-to-text tool development is start Just after the Launching Facebook Space. Facebook space is a promising tool that helps users to Visit any place, Use Facebook Virtually, Even meet friends in virtual words which Gives you exact feeling of reality Except you have to Choose animation which took your place in Virtual world of Facebook space.

brain mouse

Inspired by Facebook Space success Building 8 start developing  brain mouse Brain-to-text tool that helps FB users to type Status by just thinking. Like VR here users have to put the Sensors (Actually a tool similar to VR) on their head, After the proper setup, Users can Type words just by thinking and yes here the typing speed will be much faster then the typing that we done Via computer keyboard.’

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The developers behind the Facebook Space and the brain mouse additionally unveiled a new assignment directed at allowing people to pay attention with their skin and it’s miles building the hardware and software necessary to supply language thru the skin. The other product allows to hear any sound with the help of Skin the both will be Expected to complete soon.