Google creates doodle and celebrates Cassini on Titan’s mission


NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft has been on the mission to gather information about Saturn’s massive moon titan for many years. NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft has made its last flight, on the mission of gathering information about Saturn’s moon titan. This last dive has been named ‘The Grand Finale’. This last flight is celebrating the occasion via Google doodle.

In the doodle, Cassini is walking on the side of Saturn and taking photos as well. The most special thing is that Saturn has smiled too. Cassini is collecting data on Titan’s blurred surface and hydrocarbon lakes. Cassini Spacecraft has been on this journey for almost 13 years. Now this is his last moment of his mission. The journey of Cassini Spas Croft will end in September.

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According to NASA’s report, “After this last dive, Cassini will leap onto the icy rings of the planet and start a series of 22 weekly dives between the planets and the rings.” It came to the close of Titan last April 21. Was there. It sent ultra-close images of Saturn rings and clouds.

Recently, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab’s scientist Linda Spielker said, “The presence of chemical favorable life on the moon’s moon, or confirmation of existence, is an important step in finding life beyond the Earth.”

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Cassini Spacecraft was released in 1997 and traveled a long way closer to this remote planet in 2004. Since then, Cassini is cutting through the Saturn and its Moon. In the past, Cassini entered the part of Saturn and its four rings.