Google is going to introduce an ad-blocker for its Chrome browser


The world’s top Internet company, Google is going to present an ad-blocker for its Chrome browser, if that happens then there will be a loss in earnings via memos. According to the Financial News ‘Financial Times’, publishers in the US and Europe have appreciated Google’s move. Google has taken this step after recent criticisms of advertisements on YouTube, a website with highly popular video content on YouTube.

Google is going to introduce an ad blocker for its Chrome browserIn March this year, many companies had dropped their advertisements while boycott YouTube by advertising with YouTube on the video with criminal content. Among the objectionable videos that appeared in these advertisements were videos related to terrorist organizations.

According to experts, due to withdrawal of advertising from YouTube, Google has lost about $750 million. Google then promised to resolve the problem to deal with the problem and the company has stepped in the same direction by introducing an ad-blocker for Google Chrome.

Google has not yet provided other details related to the ad blocker, although it has said that he has had an initial conversation with the publishers. According to ‘Net market Share’, the market-related technology market-related technology, Chrome has the largest share of 60 percent of the Internet browsing market.

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According to a report, “This ad blocker will probably prevent the reader from showing certain ads that are not interested, such as pop-up and auto-driven video ads.” Initially it was seen as a hassle for publishers, Because they were already annoyed by the cost of advertising due to competition between Google and Facebook. But Google’s ad blocker seems to be exciting for publishers, because with its help they will be able to keep online advertisements clean.