Google I/O 2017, the company has introduced the new Android version O which will be equipped with new features


Google’s developer conference Google I/O 2017 has been launched and people have a look at the new Android version O. The company has officially launched the Beta version of Android O in the event. Though its developer preview was presented two months ago. In Android O, you will find many features like Picture-to-Picture, Notification Dots, Auto fill with Google and Smart Text Selection. Apart from this, the ‘O’ feature has some features in terms of safety. At the same time, the company has included new developer tools and new programming languages ​​in Android O. Let’s know about the five features available in Android O which will be very useful for users.

Google I/O 2017, the company has introduced the new Android version O which will be equipped with new features

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Five Features of Android O :-

1. Snooze Notification :

Notification is better presented in Android O. After that you will not disturb the upcoming notifications. For this, Android O has the facility to snooze those notifications. For this, you have to slide your finger and set a limit for how long you want to snooze these notifications. You can snooze these notifications for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes or as you wish.

2. Picture-in-Picture

This feature has been previously seen in Apple’s iPad device. Now Android users can also take advantage of this. In Android O, you also have the ability to play video while interacting with any other app. That is, users can easily do other tasks by visiting the smartphone’s home page without hiring the video.

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3. Vitals:

Google also gave information on another feature Vitals keeping Android’s ‘O’ in mind with better battery backup and security. Which actually works to safeguard the OS’s security and its optimization. From security point of view, Google has now added features to this new OS, through which you can scan all the applications. You can also say that if you are uploading any app from Play Store, then you can scan your device safely by scanning it. However, it can not be called a new feature in any form. Because all apps on the Google Play Store are analyzed with security.

4. Auto-fill system wide :

If you use a password manager app then Android O gives you easy access to your device via AutoFill easily. You will be able to select the Password Manager app for which you want to take advantage of the System Wide Autofill feature. It’s just like what keyboard you want Karma to use in your phone.

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5. Smart Text Selection :

With the help of this feature, you can select text only through your finger in your phone, and that is just as much as you need it. In the smart text selection of Android, Automatically select the address, business name and other selections to easily select the entire text.