Google I/O 2017: Google introduced standalone virtual reality headset – Report


Google’s developer conference Google I/O 2017 event has been started from Wednesday. On the first day of this conference, several announcements were made by the company. The company said that Android OS is now in more than 2 billion active devices and more than 500 million people are using Google Photos every month. Additionally, a new tool Google lens was also introduced. Same, the company announced features such as Android O, Android Go and Smart Ripley and also, the company announced the latest VR and AR.

With the help of VR (Virtual Reality) you can not only see but feel and experience what is happening there. Along with this, AR brings computing to your world, allowing you to interact with digital information in your environment.

Google I / O 2017: Google introduced standalone virtual reality headset - Report

Virtual Reality Headset (VR)

Google last year launched VR Platform Daydream with a pixel smartphone. In addition to the pixels, it was also supported in the second smartphone.

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Today the consumer has many daydream phones to choose from. Google announced a new phone that would be Deadly Ready, also includes Galaxy S8 and S8+, which will be ready in the summer update through software updates and LG’s next flagship phone, which will be available later this year. Will be launched.

Daydream will soon support the new category of devices, which will be named standalone VR headset. Users will not need a PC and a phone to use a standalone headset.

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Adding it to the VR is as easy as setting that device to it. The hardware is fully optimized for VR and shows a new headset tracking technique called World Sen. World side enables positional tracking, which means the headset tracks your precise movements in space and does all this to install without any external sensor.