Google made a doodle and remembered Ferdinand Monoyer on his 181st birthday


Google today remembered France’s eye specialist Ferdinand Monoyer on his 181st birthday through his doodle. Ferdinand Monoyer worked for a long time on how to measure eye power and was among the leading people of this topic. He also developed the Monoyer Chart. This chart, made more than 100 years ago, was the first test of the eyes that uses the decimal method. It is still used today.

Google made a doodle and remembered Ferdinand Monoyer on his 181st birthdayFerdinand Monoyer was born on 9 May 1836. The unit of vision measurement is known as the father of the diopter. Google wrote in his doodle, “He developed the diopter, which is still used today.”

Google’s doodle has animated eyes instead of the letters ‘O’. There is a play button next to which the mono chart opens when clicked. By clicking on this doodle, you can access the information available about mono and doodles. Let us know that Ferdinand Monoyer had his own name in the chart. If you read the chart above from above, you can read their name.

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Doodle is accessible to France as well as France, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Canada, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, India, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Monoey grew up in Lyon and then came to the University of Strasbourg in 1871. He died in 1912 at the age of 76, in Lyon.

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Let Google know that Google keeps making similar doodles. Recently, Google remembered them through a doodle on 88th birthday of Kannada actor and singer prince of Indian cinema. Actor Rajkumar, who achieved the world of artwork, today regards the cine lovers of the whole world. Given the popularity of Rajkumar, Google has honored her by making her own doodle with her painting.