Google Maps Home screen redesign made for India, now it looks like


By updating Google Maps, the company has incorporated new features on its home screen, specially designed for Indian users. A new feature quick action menu is included for the shortcut on the home screen which allows viewing the direction, saving the offline route and viewing the entire feature of the map details through a single tap. Google claims that the home screen loads very fast, with the most benefit being in spotty connections in a country like India.

Google Maps Home screen redesign made for India, now it looks likeThis new update introduced for Google’s Maps will be available only for Android users in India and it can be seen on Google Play Store whether this update has been received or not. Once the new update is received, users can view the Quick Action menu right below the screen of Google Maps. Where you will see three sections in it.

Including Get Directions, Map Details, and Saved Offline Route. Get Directions section allows you to get directions. In which you can know through the car, taxi or walk, what is the way to go to a nearby cinema or any hotel. In the map details you can see maps in the Satellite and traffic mode and also find out where public transport is in your area and you can download the area if you wish.

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At the same time, the last feature in the “Save Offline Route Section” is that you have the facility to save any route in offline mode after which you can see the path in Internet mode, even offline mode. Although all these features are already available in Maps but after the new updates, they will all be found in the same menu and it will be easy to use them.

With new updates on the blog by Google Product Manager Cathay Bi, it was said that ‘Now when you update your Google Maps, you will also see a direction card along with various modes of transportation.

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If you want to take a bus in Conn aught Place in New Delhi or you are planning to go to a mall on foot, then you can plan your route with only one tap. If you want to see the root without using data then you can use the offline line.

If you have not received a new update of Google Maps yet, you will receive it within a week and you can check this update by visiting Google Play. This update has been specially made for Indian users. Recently, Google Maps has made it easy to find nearby public toilets for users of Delhi-NCR and Madhya Pradesh.

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