Google Play music India offers 50,000 of songs at 89 rs for 30 days


If its come to Online service then Google is far way better then any other Company who offers same service as Google provide. Google play music india is one of the most Important mobile app and Service which offer by the biggest search engine giant. Now its look like that the Google now want’t to win the hearts of Indian by launching Google play music app Completely in India.

What is Google play Music app?

Google play music india

To those who didn’t know what is Google play music then Let’s me tale you that this is app which works just like Jio Music app. It Gives you a way to stream music online here on this mobile application we Search, Browse, listen and download thousands of music tracks legally. But the major drop-back is, this service is not completely free Unlike Jio Music app.

On Jio music app everything is free Including Browsing, Listening and even download song Offline so we can listen the song offline when we are not connected to the internet or WiFi. But Google play music Subscription is different, However they will not charge money on Stream audio online but on Downloading Music file in mobile phone.

Google play music app Subcription

Here on Google play music app Subscription as part of promotion Strategy google also offers 30 day trial which is valid for all indian android mobile phone users. Here one more offer is applicable for Google play music India users, According to new terms if the app user want to use paid Service within 45 days of trial activation then they will offers full bucket of this service Rs. 89 per thirty days.

Google play music India is not just an android app, differ then other apps it have artificial intelligence similar to goggle assistant. From users search intrest it automacally identify which type of song, Which song the user want to listen.

It also supports ”ok Google detection”, If the person already enabled Google now in mobile phone then they just have to Say “ok google play some music” or “open play music” to open the app and Play the some cool tracks in Google play music India Version.