GST impact on mobile phones: Sales of mobile phones in India will be 12% tax


What’s in GST for mobile buyers? – The object and service tax (GST) council set tax rates on 1,211 items on Thursday. The pleasure of the common man is that the tax rate on 81 percent of GST in GST has been kept below 18 percent. However, tax rates on small cars may increase. Under GST, exemption from milk, eggs, salt, fresh vegetables, fruits, contraceptives, organic manure, earthenware, coconut, prasad (religious places such as mosque, temple, church etc.) have been exempted.

GST impact on mobile phones: Sales of mobile phones in India will be 12% taxSame, animals, fruit juices and meat will be taxed at 12%, while fish will be taxed 5 per cent. Butter and cheese will be taxed at 12 percent, while 18 per cent tax on condensed milk will be done. In the Beverage category, tax will be levied on GST under five percent tax on coffee (not Instant), tea and groundnut, coal, hand pump etc.

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Though jaggery has been exempted from GST, but sugar and beet sugar has been kept in the category of five percent tax. Bio gas plant, wind punch, kerosene lantern will be taxed at five per cent.

Mobile Phones, Fountain Pen Ink, Tooth Powder, joss stick, Feeding Bottle, Braille Paper, Children’s Coloring Books, Umbrella, Pencil Sharpaner, Tractor, Bicycle, Counterx Lenses, Eyeglass Lenses, Kitchenware, Sporting Goods, Comb, pencil and hand paintings will be taxed at 12%.

Dindi, bangle, glass bangles, hand-loom, listening machine, handmade musical instrument has been exempted under GST. A total of seven per cent of the GST content is exempt from tax.

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Things which have been taxed at 18% include helmets, LPG stoves, nuclear reactors, clocks, military weapons, electronic toys and plastic buttons.

The items which have the highest tax rate of 28 percent, include bottled drinks, perfumes, after shave lotions, deodorants, fur clothes, razor blades, cars, revolvers and pistols.

There will be one to three percent cess on small cars. Motorcycles, private aircraft’s, boats, middle-class cars with engines of more than 350 cc will be imposed of 15% cess.