Why the Headphone Jack was removed from Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone?


Why the Headphone Jack was removed from Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone? – When today’s talk of your smartphone comes up, you want to see some features in your smartphone, such as: volume control buttons, speaker grills and headphone jack, although headphone jacks have been used by smartphone maker companies for the last few years Removing from smartphone. Apple has done something similar in his iPhone 7 smartphone, he has removed the headphones from this smartphone, apart from that, Motorola has done the same with his Moto Z smartphone, and is hearing that HTC will also be coming forward The smartphone is about to remove headphone jack from HTC U11.

Xiaomi MiLet me tell you that there is only one reason for all these companies to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack or audio jack from its fonts. Apple feels that this is more than 100 years old technical, which needs a lot to change.\

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Furthermore, For some improvements in any smartphone, it is necessary to delete it And Xiaomi’s similar answer is seen, Xiaomi says that after removing this feature, the phone had to fit a bigger battery. That’s what we got to see in Xiaomi Mi 6. Here, you can tell that compared to the Xiaomi Mi 5s smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone has a large battery.

Let’s tell you that Xiaomi has said in his interaction with Andrew Central that “the smartphone is the most essential product today, and the space inside it is considered most necessary, by removing the headphone jack, there is freedom to do something new in the smartphone Just like we fit a large battery into our smartphone. Anyway, USB Type C has become more common today, and through this we will now try to give the best sound quality to our users. ”

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However, the battery may be a big issue, but to make the phone slim, this feature has been removed in my view, you can see that the iPhone used to be quite fat before, but with the replacement of the iPhone 7, can see. If you talk about Motorola’s Moto Z, then this smartphone can also be said to be quite slim in its own right. Now to see how HTC responds to the removal of this feature from its upcoming smartphone.