Idea Cellular launches SIM card-based vehicle tracking service


Idea Cellular India’s huge telecom network, which is currently in the process of merger with Vodafone India, has started a new SIM card based vehicle tracking service in together with MapMyIndia, which is Provides you maps and tracking services.

This service has been prepared to select customers in the pilot phase. This essentially allows the logistics companies to track their cargo vehicles using the Idea SIM card, SIM card is installed on the active mobile phone – which sends data from the Platform of Machi India, which is the Allows real-time tracking vehicle.

The new thing about Idea Cellular’s new service is that in general, geographic tracking is done through GPS connected to the Internet through “global position tracking” devices. But in this new Idea SIM card based third party service you will not need an internet connection. It will work without internet, and the shocking thing is that this service is used through the phone, which will be very easy.

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Shyam Shetty said, “From our consultation with the customers, it has come to know that approximately 60-70% cargo shipments are made through third-party vendors, which can not install GPS trackers, and for the end Time is not possible to set them up. ”

To ensure, telecommunications companies have the ability to track the SIM card (which is locked on a phone which is closed) but only to the extent of knowing the nearest BTS (base transmitter station) tower, Pulling up.

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Through Idea Partnership, MapMyIndia has developed a back-end platform that brings data from the representative SIM card and keeps it secure on its own maps. The result is that the user can see the status of the track applied to MapMyIndia maps.

Shyam Shetty told that the company has designed a system in which Idea will give SIM card to the customers, who have to activate them for each visit with a fixed credit balance. Once the journey is over, the SIM card will be automatically deactivated. I mean it will close automatically.

In particular, the platform has been programmed to send an alert to customers in case of unauthorized stoppage or accidents, and can be customized if required.

Shyam Setty also said that there are at least 15 other clients in the pipeline after the confirmation of some technical things, we will launch full scale in 30-40 days. “