Indian Government issues critical alert over ransomware cyber attack


In past 7 days more days 90 Countries computer and system is hacked by ransomware cyber attack. Till now there is no major ransomware attack seen in India, But its looks like the Indian government is series about this Virus attack. Recently the government’s cybersecurity arm CERT-In has asked the top organization of India RBI, BSE and NSE, NPCI to prepare a perfect shield systems towards the WannaCry virus.

CERT-IN which is also known as computer Emergency response team of India recently announce a Critical alerts towards recent cyber attacks. They also asked the Top Government organization to build the perfect shield to stop cyber attacks within any Government organization in India.

ransomware cyber attack

Till now we didn’t seen any major ransomware attacks in India but more then 90 countries Government Organization, Hospital systems is affected by this type of Virus. That’s why CERT-In announce essential alert so the Agencies can improve their security. They also warns the Indian Government Agencies to improve the Anti-cyber attack shield so they can face & Stop any kind of attack easily.

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Ransomware attacks in India, What is

Till now we didn’t face any Big trouble from Cyber attack like other countries is facing. But we have to understand what is the Ransomware?

This image will helps You.

What is ransomware cyber attack

Ramsomware is one Kind of computer virus, But unlike other other Computer virus here the hackers aim is not to Destroy the System or Stole the Information. Hackers who install ransomware Virus in target computer just wants to earn money by hacking target system. Hackers incript the all data of computer so users can’t view or open it. Hackers demand ransom to unlock files. If the User pay money to hackers then they unlock the files, If not they destroy the all files in Users computer.

Mainly this kind of Ramsomware attacks is seen on Government Agencies and Big companies.