Kejriwal blame BJP for Changing the Codes 18 EVM Machines


Again Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal accuse BJP for changing the Codes of 18 EVM machines, Its not First time even before it He also raised questions about EVM  few days ago in Bhind district in Madhya Pradesh . Now He made a press convention on 9th April accused Bhartiya Janata party for EVMs disturbances. Kejriwal alleges that there is a malfunction in Dholpur in 200 of 18 EVMs, but the EC isn’t Going investigating  the reason behind it.

On Monday he mentioned in his statement that Voter will Push any button Vote is only Going to BJP. He alleges that the most EVM’s software, programming, code has been changed to Increase the Vote count of BJP so other can’t win . He also stated that Election commission don’t want to Investigate about this fault even the EC is giving clean cheat to all the Machines where the all this mess was caught in front of the journalists.

Kejriwal Evm

He mention that he and his party members complained to the Election commission about this, but Ec didn’t try to provide any the solution about this.

On other hand the Election Commission of India Said in their statement that their is no fault of found in the EVM machines. They mention that the Team who are Investigate this matter Didn’t find any Problem or Faults in EVM’S software & Programming code.

The Poll panel Didn’t find any Problem In EVM and VVPAT used during demonstration in Ater (Bhind) on March 31.