Meet the Man who Write Hanuman Chalisa in a Unique way


Today is Hanuman Jayanti as we all know on This day every year we Celebrate the Birthday of Lord Hanuman.  Today the Team of CNBTIMES found a unique instance of devotion of Lord Hanuman near the Pushkar Rajasthan where one man who’s name is Ajay rawat is Consistently  engaged in writing Hanuman Chalisa on the Sand from two days and two nights without Sleeping and Without Eating any Thing . This man want’s to Gift Hanuman Chalisa to all of Bhakts of Lord Maruti by Writing at The Hanuman Chalisa at sands Sheet near which is Situated near puskar’s  Chamunda Mata Temple.

Ajay Rawat the man Who is Writing the sacred text on the Sand was orders 4 Sacks of Red gulal on Sunday 9th April 2017, According to him he Can done this work till 11th April 2017 ( When is Hanuman Jayanti) .

Hanuman Chalisa

He also added that “Devotion is much Powerful thing as Compare to any other thing in this World. Normally none of people can’t Easily seat in the front of God more then Five minute, and at the same time as I used to jot down holy Hanuman Chalisa on holy floor for several hours, Even I did no longer sense exhausted from the Time when i start this work till now When i almost Finished Writing the Hanuman Chaliasa.”

On Hanuman Jayanti all hanuman Devotee recite 40 verses Hanuman Chalisa. it’s believed that this is Writes by the Famous poet of Middle age Tulsidas. In this all 40 verses he elaborate all the qualities of Lord Hanuman like his superhuman power, his courage and bravery, His devotion to Lord Rama.

On this day we all Hindus worship him, search of protection, Power. In most part of India it’s Only one day occation But according to News Reports in Andhra Pradesh Hanuman Jayanthi is Celebrated over a month.