mi-offers.com Selling Redmi Note 4 for Rs 499 but the truth is different that you don’t know


Do You a website mi-offers.com is Selling the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 at Rs 499 only. They are offering the 64GB ROM and 4GB Ram variant at this Jaw dropping price which is much lower then actual Price of rs 12999 according to Flipkart.Com and Xiaomi’s own official website Mi.Com. If you are one of them who reads this news on WhatsApp and wants to know the Truth behind this, Wants to know that they sell it for real or its just a Scam or mi-offers.com is just a fake website in this post i’ll try to show the real truth.

On the age of WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter there is so much rumors is Spreading much faster then Ever. Most of rumors are not True but still Internet users believe on it and share the post blindly without checking that this is true or not. There is most of spammers out there who will start sending you a Message and claims that you will Get the free recharge, Free mobile phone but before this you Need to share this message to 11 Groups or more then 15 Friends . But the truth is all those things is just a scam.In the most of cases they will get Your personal and Sale it to Advertising companies which interrupts you overtime by making calls, Send you promotional message and So on.

There is the latest Buzz where a Fake Website mi-offers.com claims that they will offers you Redmi Note 4 at rs 499 rs only.


499 rs is much cheaper then the original price . The WhatsApp message which Circulating among the all different users in India with the Text “Redmi note 4 only 499 rs, Jaldi open karo” It says to open the Link which they put on the end of Message.

After Clicking on message user will redirect a website named mi-offers.com which ask you to share the same message to with your 10 contacts on WhatsApp and install the Mi Store app and UC news app which is Actually in the Format of Apk and Actually contain virus.

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So the Conclusion is this type of website making fools to others For earn money. No you will not Get the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for Rs 499 from the fake website mi-offers.com, If you follow the process you will end up the Installing virus in Your mobile phone and loosing hard earned money.

thank you all for Your supports the Admin of mioffers.com shut down their website, Now the details of domain registrar (Godaddy)is appear. Google also listed the Site to dangerous, So whenever someone visit the Page then Google will show the Warning first.