New Google Earth Virtual reality app is ready to take you on Any address in this World


Google Finally has released brand new version of Google earth virtual reality App. The latest (VR) feature allows us to Visit any place with our Smartphone, This mobile applications and off course a VR Handset.In their previous Statement the developers already this indicates that in future the visualization app can take you to any address within the world. Now the future is here we can any Visit any place without actually going to that place Just by sitting at Chair/Sofa in our residence. but you with Google earth VR App we could additionally feel the presence there and its amazing Experience.

To use Google earth virtual reality App here we just Need a virtual reality handset which is available on Amazon online shopping store at rs 200 to 93000 (Depend on your choice which brand you Prefer, It can be created at our By only Cardboard and lenses). For those users who already have VR they just Need to visit Appstore of Operating systems and download the Mobile app, Alternatively we can also Experience the Google earth with the Help of modern browsers like Google chrome or Firefox but its always a better idea to download Google earth app For Android mobile phone.

Google Earth Virtual reality app

Customer can use any mobile phone but make sure that phone supports the 3-elements. The Google enterprise also claims that users have experience in 3-d in this feature Smartly and After openning the Street view feature they can Open the Location virtually with the help of already taken 360 image . Additionally users can View Satellite image of Any place with Zoom In and Zoom out option. They added Some selection on Google Earth VR which permits humans to pick out the destination of their choice.

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New Google Earth Virtual reality app Provides almost real Experience Specially if you want to visit the palace and You can’t go.

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