If Nokia Swan Phablet will amaze you then Trust me You’r not alone


Nokia has bigger plan in Year 2017, May be this company now Grab the first position and get his Throne back Specially in India where we see the craze for Nokia android mobile phone. However when will they launch the new smartphone its another question and There is latest rumors is spreading in tech industry that This company will also launch the Nokia Swan Android powered smartphone which is Actually Phablet.

Nonetheless the CnbTimes nor Gives you grantee that this news is 100% true or nor we called this is just a rumor but we think this will be a Great addition for the fans of Nokia mobile phones.

Nokia Swan

Nokia Swan Phablet is very different then any mobile phone that Nokia launch so far. This is not a normal phone, This is not a Tablet but this will include the all features of both. This device is Phablet which is little wide then Average screen mobile phones and Little narrow then 7 inch tablets.

This will be the Best mobile phone for those one who wants a mobile phone which includes the Features of tablets as well.

Nokia Swan specifications

This will be Midium range Android powered device which will not cost you More then 20,000 rs when you Go to buy. But after reading the specifications that Nokia adds in Swan you will be amaze. Nokia include one of the Most advance feature which is not available in same range Tablets of xiaomi, Samsung.

This Image of Nokia Swan say all about the Men feature.

Nokia Swan Foldable

When you fold the Swan When folded, this device will become regular smartphone but You can convert it too small sized laptop easily. After deflecting its lower part become the touch keypad and the Upper part will become the Screen. the device become just like Google Chromebook with two touchscreens Biggest shocking features isn’t it?

Nokia Swan Specifications

The rest of Specs is mentioned below.

  1. According to the information that we received from unofficial sources that this brand new model will Geared up with the 42 megapixel camera.
  2. It will have 128 GB of Internal storage and 6GB RAM.
  3. This mobile will be powered by the quad core CPU, probably of Intel, Which have the best reputation in Industry.
  4. This Android nougat device Have 5.5 inch screen when folded but when you Opened it up this will makes it 11 inch tablet Including the Lower part which becomes the Vertual touch keyboard.

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Price In India

Will be launch in 4 different Variant. The first variant will cost you only 2000 rs Price in India and 310 USD in united states. Company will start the Manufacturing this device before December 2017 its expected to release the march 2018. They will manufacture the phones in India unit so its will launch first In India before any other Country.

Love the Nokia Swan ? Have any question about its price, Specification, Release date, Price In India, Features or anything else? just mention your Query in Comment box. We are waiting for reply.