Now, Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus Smartphone will not be launched: Know, why?


According to a new information, Xiaomi can probably launch its Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus Smartphone Cancel. As all of us are eagerly awaiting Mi6 Plus smartphones from Xiaomi, although a new report says that Xiaomi may not launch this smartphone and also let’s tell you that this report says that instead of Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus Smartphone, the company can offer its new Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note 3. This smartphone can be introduced in the third quarter this year.

Mi 6 PlusNews about non-launch of Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus has come through China’s social media website Veibbo, apart from this, tell you that this news has come after a group talk that Xiaomi will not offer his Mi6 Plus smartphone . However, why is not being offered Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus is just the secret of the matter. Let me tell you that if this news is true then only the smartphones of Xiaomi Mi6 will be in Mi6 range so far. It may be possible that Xiaomi could be the man to present this smartphone. Let me also tell you that no such thing has been officially told by the company. And until the company confirms this, it will be considered a rumor.

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However, after the news came, the fame of Xiaomi’s fences was a big setback. This is a big setback for those who are directly on the go for a premium smartphone of Mi6. However, if you want another premium, big screen fable, you may have to wait for Mi Note 3 for some time.

Let’s tell you that Xiaomi is working on her Mi Note 3 smartphone and in a news just a matter of time ago it was said that this smartphone is not too short. It can be lowered as a great and powerful smartphone. In it you will find a display of 5.7-inch QHD 2560 × 1440 pixel resolution. Also, there is possibility of Snapdragon 835 processor, and you can get 128GB / 256GB internal storage in addition to 6GB / 8GB RAM. Apart from this, let us know that it is going to work on the next generation Android OS OS OS. And it can be presented with MIUI 9.

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Although Xiaomi has not said anything about Mi Note 3, and the only mystery around this smartphone remains. We will continue to tell you about Xiaomi Mi Note 3 in the future, so keep up with us for this.