OnePlus 5 would possibly have 8 GB RAM, Check other Specifications


On this Time OnePlus is one of the Most Selling smartphone brands in India Like Samsung, Oppo and some other companies OnePlus is also Consistently launching New mobile phone day by day. Now In this Series OnePlus 5 will be the Next android Smartphone. Till now there is No official announcement from Companies end but some Rumors suggest that OnePlus 5 will come up with 8G RAM.

One of the Most popular Smartphone Selling Company is Going to Release OnePlus 5 after OnePlus 3 Instead of Launching OnePlus 4. A website the KoreanPortal Explains the reason behind it. According to the Korean Portal in China Number 4 is Not a Lucky number and 4 is always considered as unlucky number. OnePlus is also an Chinese company So instead of Launching OnePlus 4 this Chinese Company is Working on the Release date of OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 8gb Ram

To recall OnePlus 3 turned into one of the first handsets In the world feature 6GB of RAM.

According Few rumors which is Spreading Very Fast from Apptricker this Phone will be Sport with 8GB Ram. 8GB ram is much more then a Smartphone users Need, But if You are Game lover and Loves to playing Games on android Smartphone then Random Access memory of Mobile is one of the Major factor that You we’ll be able to play the Game in your Phone or Not.

OnePlus 5 will also launch with Chipset Snapdragon 835 much Similar to Samsung Galaxy 8. As we know Samsung Galaxy 8 is Just released few month ago. This android Smartphone also anticipated with the Powerful Internal Storage. Here is Rumors that that Under the nePlus 5 Specification this Device will contain 64GB internal Storage, 1440 x 2560 Ful HD screen resolution with The protection Glass Similar to Samsung Galaxy C7 pro  that Protect Android mobile Screen if its Suddenly drops.

It will also Have Dual rear Camera for taking Excellent Photographs from OnePlus 5 smart Mobile Phone.