PornHub introduced ‘special’ card for Mother’s Day


Like every year, Mother’s Day will also be celebrated this year. Mother’s Day will be celebrated all over the world on May 14 this year. To celebrate this special occasion more effectively, the world’s largest porn site, ‘Pornhub’ has introduced special card of cards. The specialty of these cards is that these cards can also be used like VR Glass. This information is given by porn hub on its website.

Porn Hub also shared a video on YouTube. This is a special kind of greeting card that turns into a VR headset. When this card opens, it is slightly curved. Unusual card will be embellished with a thoughtful message for your mother, along with a private link for one thing, “She wants, but afraid to ask – porn.”

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PornHub introduced 'special' card for Mother's DayThese greeting cards will be available for free and will come in three colors. Each card has a different message written on it. Virtual reality i.e. the VR headset is able to make a trip to a different world as you sit at home. Through this device you will have a very different feeling in gaming and app. In it you see the picture where the head rotates. The display also changes its settings in VR according to the sound and the motion. VRs are filmed with a special 360 degree camera for the video.

This device is made up of cardboard and it is very simple VR. There are two lens fit in the cardboard. To use it, you have to set your mobile phone in it and hold it by hand and put it in front of your eyes, after which you can easily enjoy gaming and video virtual reality.