Rajinikanth to join BJP? News rumors about South’s superstar is spreading


From last 7 days one of the most asked Question is about Rajinikanth to join BJP, Some people still curious about Is rajnikant wants to Join politics with the help of Bhartiya janata Party. Recently one the Party member Pon Radhakrishan also express their opnion by saying that we will be Happy if Rajinikanth join BJP to come in to politics.

Will Rajinikanth to join BJP ?

In The reports of Indian express it is mention that for the Actot becoming a member of BJP can be the closing alternative, report also explain the reason behind it, “He has been indecisive inside the beyond. however the actor fears that becoming a member of BJP will not be an awesome idea as a large segment of his fans may also abandon him if he Join this party.

Rajinikanth to join BJP

Few sources told as that he is Currently planning to Establish his new organisation but till now its not clear that actor is planning to build a Political organisation or Non political organisation. However few news also pointing out that the actor is preparing the floor to begin a brand new enterprise. May he have political plans for future but right now there is no chance to Joining the Politics specially the Bharatiya Janata Party.

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One of the main leader of BJP stated that If Rajinikanth agrees or just want to start his own political party, we will shape an alliance and early polls inside the nation, maintaining him because the leader together with a united AIADMK. Its clear one thing that BJP in any conditions wants Rajnikanth with him.

Whats you Think about Rajinikanth to join BJP ? Will he Join BJP, Create new political party or there is no chance that The Superstar will come In to politics in any manner. Share your Views and opinion in comment section.

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