Ransomware in India : Andhra Pradesh’s police Computer system is affected by ‘WannaCry’ Virus


Ransomware In India, Recently the Andhra pradesh’s polish accept that their computer system is attacked via WannaCry virus. However officials also said in their statement their is no need to worry because the Day to day working systems & Andhra polish chief computer which is actually works on Apple iOS operating system is actually safe from any kind of cyber attacks.

Ransomware in India : Cyber attacks till now

A phase of computers of Andhra Pradesh’s police departments turned into affected as the results of a international cyber attack on 13th may, government stated. According to our respective sources the computer systems in 18 police gadgets in Chittoor, Krishna, Guntur, Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam districts police stations had been affected via WannaCry Virus. but, officials stated the every day functioning changed into no longer effected by this hacking practice.

Sambasiva Rao who is the Director of Police is recently said in their statement this virus hijack few standalone computer systems. All the systems which is affected is shut down till fixing for precautionary measure so they can’t infect the Chain of other computers. He also added that Only systems which runs on Microsoft windows operating system has been hit by way of the cyber attack. he stated tha The police chief’s pc with Apple’s iOS operating system is not effected and completely secure from this kind of security loopholes.

Before this attacks the CERT-IN which is also known as computer Emergency response team of India recently announce a Critical alerts towards recent cyber attacks. CERT also warns the one of the Top Government organization like Reserve bank of India.

Taking Seriously the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware threat which makes infected hospitals systems , telecom businesses and delivery organizations around the arena. Now today India’s cyber protection organisation alerted net customers and organisations of taking important precautions against the malware to safeguard PC and Computer system to stay safe from any kind of Cyber attacks.

Following the instructions RBI goes for security upgrade for note storage, transportation. RBI also instruct banks to open ATM only after security upgrades so the Information of Customers will be safe completely. Ransomware in India not make any major Impact but Government want to ensure that none of the Major organization will be Hit by these kind of Virus attacks.