Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera is Much better then Apple iPhone 8


We all know about Samsung Galaxy S8; the most awaiting Android Smartphone which is launched on 19th April In India. This Phone will Come up with the Jaw Dropping Specification, Features and Design which is Far way better then any Other Smartphone Now According to the Recent breaking News Galaxy S8 Camera quality will be Much better then Upcoming Apple iPhone dual camera Quality.

We all know that What was Happens to Galaxy S7 Edge So that’s Samsung will do the entirety focus to make the Next phone S8 top notch and Much better then any other phone To attract the Customers. But this Samsung not also Make phone better then their own Handset this Time They add the features which is Far way better then Apple iPhone 8 . iPhone 8 is not release till yet but Some leaks claim that the iPhone 8 camera can’t compete with Samsung Galaxy s8 Dual Camera which is far way better then Any other mobile phone available in the Market.

Galaxy S8 Camera

Most of users are Still Struggle to identify which Operating System is better Android or iOS. On other hand when it comes to Buy a mobile phone In above Rs 50,000 most folks just want to Choose iOS because according to them Apple provides the Features which is Not available in Android mobile phones This may be True till Year 2015 but the Thing have Changes from last year.

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Most of Android Mobile phone is just Released last year which offer Similar Specs, Feature and Functionality or More better features in Half price of Apple iPhone. The Lenovo’s Moto , Xiaome, Vivo, Oneplus is the Perfect Example here . Samsung (Who is the King of Mobile phone Industry around the world) also Release a Phone last Year Which has close Competition to Apple iPhone. This was the Galaxy S7 edge, But after the phone blast case Samsung Recall the all phones and Stop manufacturing the S7 edge.

But Now Samsung is back and the recently released Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera, Wireless charging feature, Security patch up, Bixby and others specifications has Close competition to Apple iPhone 8.