Samsung made Google Play Music a default music app and streaming service


Samsung and Google have announced a new partnership. Samsung will provide default music player and streaming service on Google Play Music to Samsung Mobile and Tablet. Just as you have different default music players available in different phones, Samsung has decided that its default music player will be Google Play Music.

Samsung made Google Play Music a default music app and streaming serviceLet us know that Google Play Music allows you to upload those songs which are not in Google’s Library and you can access them later in the same way as other Google Music Songs. This deal is beneficial for Samsung users.

Now Samsung users can upload 100,000 songs to Google Play Music, which is double according to non-Samsung users. Also, Samsung Tablets and Smartphones will be available with Google Play Music’s three-month free trial. During the trial, users can also plan to subscribe, with which they can also get access to YouTube Red with 40 million song on demand.

Google launched Google Play Music in November last year, which is powered by Google Learning Machine and Contextual Tools. Users can also use the machine learning service on the basis of location, time, weather and activity.

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Google Play Music Service competes with Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora Premium and other music services. Placing Google Play Music as a default music player means that Samsung does not have to worry about developing the resources to develop its music player. Although it is still available for download from Google Play Store. Samsung has tried to come up with the music streaming game with Milk Music, but it could not be that it failed to compete against Spotifi and Apple, and in August, the company decided to shut down the service.

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Let me tell you one last thing, that the Google Play service will support Samsung’s own personal assistant software, Bixby. Users can ask Bixby to play the song, just like Apple users are asked to play Song from Siri.