Seriously? Jio is now offers 810 GB data for Prime members, 750 GB 4G data for non prime users without any Daily data limit


Jio Never miss any Chance to attract customers, Win their hearts and Make the members of their mobile network. From almost a year ago Jio is launch but for First few month it was available for only those users who purchase the LYF mobile phone and After few month when Jio’s own mobile brand ”LYF” become successful then Mukesh ambani’s owned telecom mobile operator company opens the gates for all 4G Enabled smartphone users.

After the official launching Time by time Jio announced offers to offers Free 4G service to users so more and More customers will Join their network . As part of promotion Strategy company extended free 4G service more then 4 times in last 9 month which was named Jio Preview offer (First 4 month only for LYF users) , The welcome offer (September to December 2016) , Happy new year offer (January to March 2017) , Happy new year Extended offers (Only for 15 days, From 31st March to 15 April 2017).

Even they also offers Free three month Service which is now labeled as Summer surprise offer and this will be ends on 15 July 2017 . For the customers who didn’t activate the Prime plan within specifiec time Frame can Activate the Dhan dhana dhan offers to gain same benefit as Summer surprise offers users have.

Jio 9999 rs plan

Now there is latest Jio News is coming from official sources that 810 GB data for 420 days for Prime members, 750 GB 4G data for 360 days for non-Prime customers. Company launched this plan for Heavy internet users and its perfect for use Internet at Home and Small offices. As per the information after Recharging from this plans customers will be use the data more then one year, While non-prime users can access all of 4G services for 360 days (5 days less in Year).

To activate 810 GB data, 750 GB 4G Internet data the Prime customers and the non-Prime customers too need to Initiate the Recharge of Rs. 9,999. This recharge can be done online Via MyJio Mobile app or Official website using Mobile phone’s browser or Desktop browser.