Singer Sonu Nigam finally talks about their point of View in a Press Conversation


in the loudspeaker case outside the mosque, Singer Sonu Nigam addressed the press convention and Finally talks about Their point of View out of Social media. In a Conversation with media He also said he didn’t insult any Religion in any manner but He just Want to Express his Problem via Twitter. He raised Voiced again the Voice pollution which is Spread with Use of loudspeaker.

Sonu Nigam who is the Successful Bollywood singer stated in the Conversation that my release runs, human beings do it without a Doubt. They try this on Themselves so it looks legal for me. He also that may be this thing is fairs on the way, Our grandfathers do this . May be they are Doing this thing fo the reason but in this Age doing the Same thing is not legal in 21st century. Sonu Nigam also said Most of People Drink & Eat most of thing on the name of God which is Surely not acceptable.

Sonu stated that i am saying all this with out any Popper planning, if there may be a mistake then forgive me. i am talking on a social subject matter, it has not anything to do with faith.

Sonu stated that this is the equal dungeon which ia undertaking this , it isn’t always a negativity all the Time. He stated that i will cut off the hair this is looking. Hestated that i’m a Hinduist or Not belongs to Muslim Religion , I trust in all. He stated that I also went to Ajmer, Pushkar Temple was additionally there. If anyone has a breath, then talk on such matters.

Sonu did now not insult the Prophet. He stated that I need to make clear one issue, a few humans said why Mohammed Saheb did no longer say, why did Mohammed Saheb say no. this is the problem of English. Shiva is called Shiva in English, Ram of Ram.

He said that during my raising the issue someplace went incorrect, did my timing cross incorrect? He stated that it became now not the right time, what does this relate to the approaching of the Yogi’s authorities? Sonu said that i’ve grabbed this problem and you are retaining the last issues.

He said that Lord Jesus is not coming inside the language of a Muslim. Sonu said that if anybody made the problem, it became not my aim that I need to condemn the Problem. In Twitter, man writes grade by grade thinking.

Sonu said on his announcement make it Clear that which you have to understand my factor of view via understanding the intellectual So he request before making any assumptions First Analyze what he Actually said. He stated that give your youngsters a terrific surroundings. If i’m announcing, why are you taking it this manner? To make thing Clear that He isn’t Insult anyone Sonu said that neither i am secular nor i am proper wing nor left wing. He said that during reality i’m minority So here i am Not for Insult anyone, i Just raised a Question about one Social Issue on Twitter