The snapchat who called India ‘poor’ gave the clarify, what did it say?


Recently, the news was too viral that the CEO of Snapchat had given a controversial statement to the people of India, and now has given clarification on the statement of Snapchat Chief Executive Officer Evan Spiegel describing India as “poor”. Let’s know what they said?

The world’s leading social networking company, Snapchat, has clarified about its chief executive, Evan Spiegel’s statement describing India as “poor”. Due to its statement due to criticism from all over the world and the falling out of ratings on Google’s app store, snapchat trouble seems to be compensated now. Snapchat issued a statement and termed Spiegel’s alleged statement “ridiculous” and said that it was written by a former employee who was offended by Snapchat.

The snapchat who called India 'poor' gave the cleanliness, what did it say?Snapchat has said in his statement, “We are proud of the community present on India and the rest of the world on Snapchat.” After listing the stock market in March this year, Snapshot of the 24 billion dollar IPO sold by market analyst top social The site was considered the strongest opponent of Facebook.

According to the news agency Xinhua, in view of the loss of its business, Snapchat has said that it has not made such a statement, and Spijel has never made such a statement, and a former unsatisfied employee of Snapchat wrote all this in anger. Recently, former employee of Snapchat Anthony Pampliano told this to the Spiegel in his complaint in court, which Snapchat has called ‘ridiculous’.

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Pampliano had filed this lawsuit in January this year in Superior Court of Los Angeles. Snap Inc. made the copy of the enveloped non-edited complaint open public without editing last week.

In this complaint, Pompliano has claimed that in September, 2015, Spiegel had said about the Snapdeal’s mobile app’s international development plan, “This app is for rich people only. I do not want to take it in poor countries like India and Spain. ”

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With this statement of Spiegel unfolding, Snapchat faced criticism from the whole world, especially from India. The number of millions of snapchat users on social media showed their resentment and their rating dropped on Google’s app store to become a star.

A user of Snapchat P. Nayak said in response to the Snapchat rating being a star on the Play Store, “CEO of Snapchat, Sir, we can be poor, but our heart is bigger than you.”

Another user Shreyas Singh tweeted on April 15, “Since I am extremely poor, I uninstall snapcat. But thank you for entertaining us for so many days.