Stockholm truck attack – 4 killed by a truck climbing in Sweden, One arrested


Stockholm truck attack, Sweden: On Friday, a very painful crash in a department store in Central Stockholm, it is being said that a truck was run on a shopping street in a crowd, after which the accident occurred. In this accident, four people died and the Prime Minister said that 15 people were also injured due to terrorist attacks. Sweden today even arrested a person for “terrorist crime”

Police said on Friday after the attack that a person has been arrested in a suburb of northern Stockholm. The person arrested has been identified by wearing a dirty hood and military green jacket. But till date it has not been confirmed that only those who have been arrested have drive the truck.

According to the Attonbladet newspaper, the person arrested has been 39 years old and is a supporter of the Islamic State group. If this attack is confirmed as a terrorist attack, it would be Sweden’s first such deadly attack, in which 4 people died, 15 were seriously injured.

Swedish public broadcaster SVT told that the Swedish police had arrested another person, who had no connection with the truck attack, and when the police asked about this, the police refused to comment on the matter. Did not they had arrested the wrong person or not?

The attack took place before about 3:00 in Sweden, when the stolen truck collided in the corner of the bustling Ahlens store and the pedestrian street running down the road from Stockholm’s central metro station, Drottninggatan.

“President Vladimir Putin said in a statement -” In our country, we are well-acquainted with the crimes of international terrorism. At this difficult time, the Russians cried with the Swedish people.

Spanish Prime Minister Marion Rajoy said that he was “close to the attack in Stockholm”. “Congratulations to the victims and best wishes for the recovery of the injured. We are your side standing near Sweden,” he said in a Twitter message.

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