Vodafone SuperWifi Launched in India for High Internet speed


Vodafone SuperWifi :- after jio launched to The India’s second largest telecom operator, Vodafone on 8 may launched Super Wifi in India for Fast internet speed. So, now you can use internet service in high speed from Vodafone SuperWifi. The service provides wireless network access with 24×7 remote monitoring and management. And Vodafone now going to increase the internet speed by Vodafone wi fi. 

Vodafone now offering to Vodafone SuperWifi For increase internet Speed. super wifi is a fully managed WiFi network solution that provides unified, high-speed, wireless network (Internet / VPN) access to employees, guests and customers across all your offices, branches and stores. Along with, Vodafone Super Wifi provide high speed in low price.

Vodafone SuperWifi can be easily deployed by small, medium and large enterprises across offices, educational campuses, retail stores, warehouses, factories, hospitals, etc. Organisations can avail high-speed WiFi network experience with low up front Cap-ex investments and unified control of network at various locations.

Also, The service offers an online reporting & analytics portal, by which businesses can get WiFi analytics report on network performance, usage and applications. With Vodafone SuperWifi, customers can expect security and reliability from their WiFi.

How to Book and Buy Vodafone SuperWifi :-

  1. First of all, Visit on Vodafone officially Website Vodafone.in.
  2. Now Go to Vodafone SuperWifi page.
  3. Click on Buy option or New connection.
  4. Now Enter your address and fill all required details.
  5. Select payment option and confirm Oder.
  6. Now you will be get Vodafone SuperWifi with in 3 Day.

Vodafone Super Wifi Feature :-

  • Automated latching of user to access point with the strongest signal.
  • Seamless user roaming across access points.
  • High quality WiFi experience for users.
  • High security of corporate information through separate employee access.

The Vodafone’s Super WiFi comes with features, access to inappropriate websites and choice of cloud based. The company claims the service to be secure as it separates employee and guest access. Also it is a simple web self-care portal and comes with guaranteed service levels.