Whatsapp has enhanced the security of feature by adding iCloud backup to encryption


Popular Messaging App Whatsap has increased the security of the iCloud backup feature. At the same time, end-to-end encrypted messages could easily be read because of the loopholes in backups. It could be possible by going through the Apple (which is encryption for iCloud) or hacker succeeded in getting information from your iCloud account in some other way.

iCloud backupAt the beginning of last year, WhatsApp had edited the encryption for its iCloud backup. However, this was not harp about it and information about it came in the past week. At the same time, the information about this feature came out when the company claimed that it was able to overcome the security measures.

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Oxygen forensic company claims that the hacking method works only when you have a same number of SIM card that is used by WhatsApp for generating a verification code which is necessary for encryption for iCloud backup. is. Encrypted data can be downloaded from iCloud and then oxygen forensic claims that after being able to generate encryption, the data can be easily read.

Which tells us about the fact that whats the need to encrypt iCloud chat for WhatsApp? It is actually a contradiction that private companies are trying to protect the privacy of their users, while government agencies have strongly opposed them in the court.

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The FBI has worked to make end-to-end encryption more profitable for people who do not believe in the law somewhere. However, Whatsapp is opposing the pace with all his peers. The company has faced many problems and in countries like Brazil, it has been banned many times.

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