WhatsApp Group Admin beware : According to new law Offensive Post in Group can land you in Jail


If you are Admin of any WhatsApp Group or Social Group then you should be aware that in the Recent statement Government of India said that If any person will share any offensive post in a Group then the WhatsApp Group admin or Facebook Group admin is also responsible for that Activity. According to this If any member of your Group share the Offensive post, Illegal, misleading, Fake news stories and any other content which is not acceptable in Any manner then Police can arrest You.

From today Government of India issued a New law/ Order and according to this new order the Local administrator have a Right to make the FIR against the Group admin if they will Find any thing which is Vulgar, offensive, Fake stories, news which can Make the communal Rift or make the Negative impact in the Society. Now polish has a Right to take legal Against the Admin of that group where the offensive post is shared by the users.

WhatsApp Group Admin, Offensive post

So if you Are WhatsApp Group admin, Facebook Group admin or Carries any other Form of group on Social media then now you have to aware. We have to think twice before adding any person to Group if he post Something which is not acceptable according to the law then Group admin is Face the legal troubles as well.

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What’s the Solution?

At this time more and more people is misuse of social media platform to submit fake news, Unusual Images with fabricated narratives all those types of Post can tension and even communal rift in a particular So that’s why in the Leadership of Prime minister Narendra modi the Local Consistency make this Law.

To avoid the offensive post in WhatsApp or Facebook Group make sure.

  1. Make sure before adding any Person in Group if you doubt then Don’t add that Person.
  2. Don’t add any Unknown person in Your social group.
  3. Don’t Accent the Administrate of that Group where Offensive post is shared.

Don’t add a Person on whom You have any doubt otherwise the WhatsApp, Facebook Group Admins Can Go To Jail For Offensive Posts.