Why kattappa killed baahubali? the biggest mystery is finally solved


We all all love Baahubali Part 1 the Beginning, It is one of most beautiful indian film that ever made in Indian history with Jaw dropping scenes,  Exceptional VFX graphics and better then Hollywood movie action. But after the watching this film only one Question comes in everyone’s mind, So Why kattappa killed baahubali? did you also want to get the answer of this question. So here we are, Here we are trying to Figure out what the Reason that Force one the Most loyal servant to Killed their own master?

Why kattappa killed baahubali? the real reason

There is no doubt that the Actor Sathyaraj who played kattappa in First movie is also Going to reprise his roles in Movie’s second part Baahubali : The conclusion on this month 18th April 2017. When this movie will release everyone will get the answer Baahubali Why kattappa killed baahubali? .

But most of fans (Including me) Can’t wait till 18th April to see the Conclusion, We always try to Get the proper answer before the time. That’s why we always try to Predict and Figure out which is the reason behind  Amarendra Baahubali death .

Why kattappa killed baahubali

But we have a latest update that blow up your Mind. The whole story of Baahubali the conclusion is leaked online and according to those links there is biggest reason Why kattappa killed baahubali . The whole leked story of this movie is gone viral on the internet in just last 24 hours. Here on CnbTimes we also brings the complete The secret at the back of the killing of Bahubali at the arms of Kattappa, which have become the crux of  Bahubali: the start changed into leaked on line.

So Get ready because I am Going to share Why kattappa killed baahubali and the Whole story of Baahubali 2 which is Just leaked online before the official release.

Full Story of baahubali 2

We remember the last scene of First Franchise where Kattapa told to Shiva aka Mahendra Baahubali that he himshelf killed his father. First movies ends Without answering why he killed him. But after a ling waiting someone leaked the Full story of Baahubali the Conclusion with the answere of Question Why did kattappa killed baahubali.

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As per the latest message which spreading much faster then anything on WhatsApp which reveal the whole story of Bahubali 2, and I bet here the The infamous mystery of why Kattappa killed Bahubali is replied.

Before Continue i must say here i will not going to make any fun of this Question. Here i am Going to answer the real question Why kattappa killed baahubali.

So let’s start,

We learnt in First part that Kattappa is loyal army Chief, Here the loyal mean a person who is loyal to only the King and Royal family. He follows only the order of Mahismati king even if he don’t want to follow.

The leak reveals that in the Second part baahubali will become the king of whole Mahismati Dynasty. He successfully rule the whole kingdom until he meets Devasena (Anushka Shetty). Amarendra Baahubali loves Devasena and he successfully wins her heart. But the problems is comes when the Bhallala Deva also in a Love with Devasena.

To solve fight between both brothers  Rajmata Shivagami devi will give the instructions that the one who marries Devasena will have leave the empire and might be exiled.It mean any one like Bhallala Deva or Amarendra want to Marry devasena then they have to Give the Kingdom to other . Bahubali concurs to this circumstance and makes a decision to marry Devasena and leave Mahishmati kingdom.

Now kattappa have to Follow the all commands from their new king which is Bhallala Deva.

However Amarendra leaves the kingdom but he returns when Mahishmati in danger from the attacks from other kingdoms. On that time Bhallala Deva fears that he will Claim on throne that’s why he give command to Kill Amarendra during battle of opponent.

Once Bahubali departs the kingdom, it comes under the attack of son of Kalakeya King, which forces Bahubali to return Mahishmati and save his kingdom. This drastic change of scenario sparks fear in Bhallala Deva, who thinks Rajmata will give reins back to Bahubali. Then, Bhallala Deva orders Kattappa to kill Bahubali.

So that’s Why kattappa killed baahubali, If you loves this article then share with others.