Wi-Fi Calling Feature Will Work In Pixels And Pixel XL On Reliance Jio


Last year Google added 4G Voice Over LTE Calling Feature through its ‘Enhanced 4G LTE’ mode in its pixels and pixel XL smartphones. It was released with the Android 7.1.1 Nougat update. After the arrival of this feature, it was possible to call VOLTE on the Reliance Jio Network. Google has now reported that the pixel and pixel XL smartphone running on the Reliance Jio Network will also feature Wi-Fi calling feature soon.

This feature will be provided with the next Nouga Update. With this feature, users will also be able to call in areas with vulnerable mobile networks, just connect to the phone Wi-Fi network. It is expected that this feature will be released for the next pixel smartphone with the next Nougat update.

Wi-Fi Calling Feature Will Work In Pixels And Pixel XL On Reliance JioGoogle India announced on Twitter that it will provide Wi-Fi calling facility in pixels and pixel XL smartphones running on the Reliance Jio Network. The company said this facility will be in addition to VoLTE support. Google has said that this feature is expected to be available with the next Nouga update.It’s true that the company is speaking in regards to the Android 7.1.2 Nouga update, whose roll out course of began from the last few weeks in the past. Let us know that the company has not yet provided any official information regarding this support in the Nexus device.

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Now you will have a question about what the Wi-Fi calling feature is? It’s similar to the Voice Over LTE feature, just using Wi-Fi data instead of mobile data. The Wi-Fi calling feature uses the Internet through Wi-Fi for calling, like VoIP in Skype like calling service is used. However, unlike Vivo IP, the call is in the mobile number. This feature will work if the mobile data and other cellular connections are weak. The Wi-Fi calling feature has already been available on many telecom networks in the US and as far as the over-the-counter fee is concerned about the calling of Wi-Fi, we are also confused as to how Reliance Jio will implement it, as the voice call on this network It is absolutely free to do. In addition, your internet service provider will also charge some charges.

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The funny thing is that Google pixels and pixels are not the first smartphones to get Wi-Fi calling feature in the XL India. Earlier Samsung had released the feature for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. However, this feature was not of any use for many days because any telecom company did not provide Wi-Fi calling facility. Now when Reliance Jio has made a special place for himself in the Indian telecom market, then we can expect this feature to come in the other smartphones as soon as possible.