Windows 10’s Global Active Users Number More than 300 million: Microsoft


Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is by far the fastest-ever version. There are more than 300 million active users worldwide with the Windows 10 operating system installed. In this total user base, this operating system is used by approximately 300 million users for at least three and a half hours.

In an interview with Bloomberg Tech (via MS Poweruser), Yusuf Mehdi of Microsoft gave information about the number. He said that ‘Windows 10 is doing very well. After watching the report of several months we have 400 million monthly active users. More than 300 million users use it every three and a half hours each day. We saw that it has been adopted at very fast speed and there is a great progression on it. ‘

Last month, Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creator update, in which the focus of the company was to make 3D available to everyone. Recent data show that the new update is already running on 10 percent of the devices. Another strong number is expected to come out in the Build 2017 developer conference next week.

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Windows 10's Global Active Users Number More than 300 million: MicrosoftMicrosoft recently introduced the lightweight operating system, Windows 10 S while focusing on education. Windows 10S is a cheap, good and light version of Regular Windows 10. Although it was not the first time that a lightweight operating system was introduced, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 were also introduced for desktop and mobile, and Windows 10 was introduced on the Universal Windows platform. Windows 10S also has the capability to run Microsoft Office. Some such chrome OS can also be done.

Furthermore, Microsoft has demonstrated a new Surface laptop. Whose starting price is $999 (that is, approximately 64,500 rupees). Microsoft Surface Laptops will be available to consumers in Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue and Graphite Gold Color Options.

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During the performance of this operating system Microsoft pointed out that teachers can setup around 600 laptops simultaneously in a day via Nifty USB setup and it will only take 30 seconds. Microsoft Windows 10S has been made available with some specific hardware lists. Which includes Dell, Toshiba, HP, Acer and others. It also includes tools like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which are quite collaborative and important in the field of education.

Mehdi says that ‘Windows 10S is like Windows, as you know, so you can work like VR, 3D, Pen and Ink, but you get two advantages in it: Your data is completely secure in And the second performance will be better. But you do not get any work in the Chromebook and you can do offline work in it. ‘