The YouTube desktop site will now come in a new design, look what will be special


YouTube has begun rollout of the new design for the desktop version, which will be available to the limited users at the moment. Google has made some changes to the design of its popular video streaming site platform. After that YouTube will look absolutely new. It was reported in the past that the Dark Mode feature has been available in YouTube. Now the company has started rolling out after the official declaration. The YouTube team is currently working on the purpose of a simple, simple and beautiful design that will be a very new experience for the desktop.

The YouTube desktop site will now come in a new design, look what will be specialThe new desktop version will be available only for some limited users. Which the company has started rolling out globally. Users can view this new design and look in their YouTube menu, for which they have to go to the account menu and click “Restore classic YouTube”. This new design company has made changes in the white space with the help of Material Design Concept.

Google loves Material Design and it was first introduced in the Android Lollipop 5.0 OS. In which most applications adopted the Material Design Concept. After that, the company also made changes to Google’s login panel design. But Google’s Material Design was not available for Concept Web version.

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Along with refresh design, Youtube has now got a dark theme, after which you can remove the white UI visible in the YouTube desktop version after enabling dark mode. Users can navigate dark themes by visiting their YouTube profile page. This option will be located near the profile picture in the dashboard mentioned above on YouTube.

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The new design is made from an intense framework called Polymer, which helps developers make ‘reusable custom elements’. YouTube says that the Polymer Framework allows ‘quicker feature development from here on out’. YouTube’s product manager Brian Marquardt said on the blog that ‘This is just the beginning – you can wait for more powerful new features coming soon!’