YouTube kids app Available with LG, Samsung, Sony smart TV, Here in how to download, Setup and use this Family friendly app


Google’s The children popular YouTube video app, YouTube kids app that first launched in 2015. Today Google announced, Now support YouTube Kids app on Samsung, Sony and LG smart tv. you can watch You Tube Kids app on your Sony, Samsung and LG smart tv and Enjoy with carton show. So, in this post i am going to tell, how to use You Tube kids app on your smart Tv.

Now This app can be downloaded in the 26 countries and app is available on all 2015 – 2017 LG web OS TV models.  You Can Download YouTube kids app via the LG content store. a firmware update on all the 2016-2017 models of Sony’s smart TVs will add access YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids app

For use YouTube kids app on your smart tv, first of all you need download the You Tube kids app form app store. after than you can use You Tube kids app on your Samsung and LG smart Tv new model. for how to use and download the app, follow this steps.

How to use YouTube kids app on Sony, Samsung, LG Smart TV ?

  1. First of all, download the YouTube kids app from app store.
  2. Make the payment of You Tube kids app.
  3. Now Install the app in you smart Tv.
  4. Now Go to home screen and select menu.
  5. Click on apps and add your account.
  6. Now setup required setting and go to app.
  7. Hurray the all steps is done .

Smart tv models for use :-

  • All 2015 – 2017 LG webOS TVs.
  • 2013 – 2017 Samsung smart TVs.
  • 2016 and 2017 Sony TVs.

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On all 2013 – 2017 Samsung Smart TVs. On Samsung Smart tv You Can Download You Tube kids app via the Samsung content store. Android TV support for the app will be released in the future, But it did not announced release date. So, how to download and use YouTube kids app on your smart tv, Follow this easy steps.

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